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Pastoral Care Ministries


At Our Lady of the Assumption Parish, Pastoral Care Ministries encompass a variety of outreach opportunities.  Through these ministries, we share Christ's love in service to others.  It is our mission to promote wellness and harmony to the whole body, mind, and spirit of all of our parishioners.  We offer a compassionate presence, integrating faith and healing by supporting you through pain, illness, loss, anxiety, and also through your joys, triumphs, and recovery.

Key contact person:  Laura Warzecha, Director of Pastoral Ministries.  Phone:  (608) 362-9066, Ext. 114   Email:

What We Offer:

Communion to the Homebound, Care Facilities or Hospital

Visits to the Sick/Homebound

Respite Care

Grief Ministry - Seasons of Hope

Social Justice Ministry

Prayer Chain

Blood Pressure Screening

Women's Exercise Group: "Moving in the Right Direction"

Catholic Women's Cluster Group

Greeting Card Ministry

Please fill in the form below if you would like more information, if you are interested in volunteering for a ministry, or if you (or someone you know) is interested in receiving assistance from one of our ministries.

Please note, due to privacy laws, we are not notified of the whereabouts of our parishioners in need unless we are told.  Do not hesitate to contact Laura at the above phone number, or fill in the form below.



Pastoral Care Ministries
  • Please check any or all ministries you need for yourself/another, or would be interested in volunteering to support.  We will reply as promptly as possible.