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Kid's Club

OLA Kid's Club is a program designed for school-aged children in grade 4K through age 12 and is open to students from ANY school.

The Kid's Club Program is active on most OLA School days off and during the OLA School summer break. We offer many activities during Kid's Club days including: 

  • Indoor and outdoor Free Play
  • Indoor and outdoor structured activities
  • AM and PM Snacks (provided by the Center)
  • Lunch (provided by parents/guardians)
  • Quiet reading/Rest time
  • Group reading

During the Summer Program, Kid's Club students work toward outings/field trips based on our movement and reading initiatives. In the past, these outings have included going to a movie, getting ice cream, going to Skelly's Farm Market, and more! If you are looking for a fun and loving summer learning environment for your child, please contact Director Cassandra Letcher for more information. 

Kid's Club Playing