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Fall Festival



Raffle tickets may be purchased at the
following locations:


OLA Administration Center • 2222 Shopiere Rd.

AND the following businesses:

Alongi Santas Moss Insurance Agency,   2211 Cranston Rd., Beloit 362-3370

Christofferson Moving and Storage, 2422 Springbrook Ct., Beloit 362-8808

Dr. John G. Onderak, DDS, 1215 Cranston Rd., Beloit 363-9400

Quigley-Smart Inc.,  1344 Madison Rd., Beloit 365-6688

Ryeco Inc., 2549 Park Ave., Beloit 362-7007

Senz Insurance Agency, 630 E. Grand Ave. Beloit, 362-3313

Stanton Shoes,  311 State St.,  Beloit 362-5014

License #R886A-84665