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  Name Title Contact
Mr. Baxter Baxter, Mr. Fourth Grade Teacher (608)365-4014
Jeanne Berner Berner, Jeanne Secretary and Bulletin Editor (608) 362-9066 ext. 118
Mr. Berner Berner, Mr. Middle School Math/Science Teacher (608)365-4014
Les Blumreich Blumreich, Les Buildings and Grounds (608) 362-9066
Mrs. Boggess Boggess, Mrs. Food Service 608-365-4014
Mrs. Boylan Boylan, Mrs. Secretary 608-365-4014
Mr. Counsell Counsell, Mr. Physical Education Teacher; Volleyball, B Team Coach (608) 365-4014
Val Craig Craig, Val 3rd Grade Teacher (608)365-4014
Belinda Davie Davie, Belinda Child Care Pre-K (608) 368-2835
Alicia Dominguez-Barreto Dominguez-Barreto, Alicia Child Care Infants/Toddlers (608) 368-2835
Mrs. Douglas Douglas, Mrs. Extended Care PM Staff and Playground Supervision (608)365-4014
Mrs. Doyle Doyle, Mrs. Music Teacher (608) 365-4014
Mrs. Draeving Draeving, Mrs. Librarian (608) 365-4014
Mr. Farina Farina, Mr. Band Director (608) 365-4014
Randy Gracyalny Gracyalny, Randy Director of Music and Liturgy (608) 362-9066 ext. 111
Candy Hanson Hanson, Candy Child Care Kids Club (608) 368-2835
Anna Hendrickson Hendrickson, Anna Chid Care Substitute, Track Coach & Cross Country Assistant Coach
Mrs. Huisheere Huisheere, Mrs. Fifth Grade Tacher (608) 365-4014
Mrs. Hulburt Hulburt, Mrs. Middle School Teacher & 8th Grade Homeroom (608) 365-4014
Cassandra Letcher Letcher, Cassandra Child Care Infants/Toddlers (608) 368-2835
Mrs. Letcher Letcher, Mrs. Part Time Bookkeeper (608) 365-4014
Mrs. Madaus Madaus, Mrs. Middle School Teacher (608) 365-4014
Sela Mejia Mejia, Sela Youth Minister 608-362-1231
Araceli Montoya Montoya, Araceli Hispanic Ministry (608) 856-0566
Jean Nosek Nosek, Jean Religious Education Secretary (608) 362-1231
Mary Jeanne Olsen Olsen, Mary Jeanne Adult Education 608-362-1231
Rob Olsen Olsen, Rob Director of Religious Education (608) 362-1231 ext. 115
Rev. Mike Resop Resop, Rev. Mike Pastor (608) 362-9066 ext. 113
Genesis Santillana Santillana, Genesis Child Care Infants/Toddlers (608) 368-2835
Trevor Seivert Seivert, Trevor Principal (608) 365-4014 ext. 131
Rachel Shepherd Shepherd, Rachel Child Care Director (608) 368-2835
Mrs. Sheridan Sheridan, Mrs. 3K/4K and K-8 Spanish Teacher 608-365-4014
Marianne Stanton Stanton, Marianne Business Manager 608-362-9066
Ms. Tracey Tracey, Ms. Second Grade Teacher (608) 365-4014
Ms. Twardowski Twardowski, Ms. Middle School Teacher & 6th Grade Homeroom (608) 365-4014
Ciara Vera Vera, Ciara Child Care Infants/Toddlers (608) 368-2835
Laura Warzecha Warzecha, Laura Director of Pastoral Ministries (608) 362-9066 ext. 114
Mrs. Welte Welte, Mrs. First Grade Teacher (608) 365-4014
Ruthann Whitney Whitney, Ruthann Child Care Pre-K (608) 368-2835
Shanae Woodward Woodward, Shanae School Counselor (608)365-4014
Mrs. Zur Zur, Mrs. Kindergarten Teacher (608) 365-4014